The Zentai Project Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question you'd like answering, then please contact us.

Q - What's it all about?
A - We are a group of people who like wearing full body suits in public.

Q - Why do you do it?
A - Why not? It's fun and brings amusement to anyone who sees us.

Q - Where do you do this?
A - Walkabouts have happened at various locations throughout the world, see our gallery for some examples. They are usually places where there are lots of tourists who enjoy seeing us.

Q - What sort of reactions do you get?
A - Always positive, it makes people laugh and gives them something to think about.

Q - Don't people just shout abuse at you?
A - No, we've never got any friction from members of the public.

Q - Where do you get changed?
A - We use public toilets, or change in the back of a car, or sometimes at home. glasses

Q - Don't you get in trouble with police?
A - No, we occasionally get questioned by police or security staff, but they've always been understanding once they understand what we're doing.

Q - How can you see or breathe?
A - Some suits have eye or mouth holes, but even if a suit doesn't have those, it's usually quite easy to see or breathe through.

Q - Where do you get the zentai suits from?
A - There are various internet sites such as or try a search for 'zentai' on Mail us if you would like some more information about where to buy a good suit.

Q - Isn't it cold?
A - No, Lycra suits can vary in thickness and some are quite warm.

Q - How can I get involved?
A - Start by joining our discussion group at -

Q - Do I have to dress up to be involved?
A - No, you can come dressed up if you like but one of the important roles is being a photographer, for which you don't need to dress up.